Stainless Steel Well Screen
Stainless steel Sieve plate
Stainless steel Filter Nozzle
Stainless steel Hub and lateral filter
Stainless steel resin trap
Stainless steel series
Zhongying Industry Park,
Dainan Town, Xinghua City,
Jiangsu Province, China
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  Xinghua Mingcan Stainless Steel Factory is located in the bustling Yangtze River Delta, east of State Road 204, west of Shanghai, is located in the nationally known Ningjingyan high-speed steel town ---- Dainan.Is engaged in industrial water treatment equipment development, production, sales and service of technology development enterprises of stainless steel sieve, the water production base cap. Enterprises specialized in production of stainless steel sieve, stainless steel products, mainly stainless steel sieve, sieve, water cap, the row unit, resin traps, angle iron, flat steel, stainless steel bar and so on.With rich technical strength, exquisite workmanship, with a full range, specifications, excellent quality, service excellent operating characteristics.

  Widely used in oil and gas wells, wells, sand, chemicals, metallurgy, paper making, water treatment and food for the coarse filter and fine filter.We spirit of "customer satisfaction is our pursuit" for business purposes.To "the pursuit of product excellence, the pursuit of technological innovation" as enterprise development power, advanced equipment, strong technology, perfect craftsmanship, complete detection means, so that our products market share ahead of the counterparts.

  The enterprises in the new century, is a modern business concept, scientific management, absorbing, forge ahead, to uphold truth, sincerity, to believe the marketing style, for customers to produce the best products, provide comprehensive services We welcome our customers and vendors patronage, any purchase, call letters come, Fair met.

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